Harmonic Analysis of a Welding Process

I. El-Amin (Saudi Arabia)


Harmonic levels, Power quality, Welding, Arcing devices furnaces


The order and level of power system harmonics depend on the nature of the nonlinear load being supplied. Nonlinear loads include power converters, arcing devices and many others. The operation of an arc welder and the impact of its control parameters on the power system harmonics are investigated. The parameters are the welding current, arc length, and the diameter of the electrode. Each of the parameters has two possibilities. A number of tests were carried out in order to assess the relationship between the welding parameters and harmonic levels. The experimental setup was designed using a Yates factorial algorithm. A set of basic parameters was used as a bench mark for the harmonic levels. The control parameters were then changed in an orderly manner following the factorial design format. The test results indicate that the levels of the individual harmonics are influenced by the welding parameters.

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