Transmission Investment and Planning in Deregulated Market Environment: A Literature Survey (Part 1)

F. Wen, F. Zheng, and F.F. Wu (PRC)


Transmission expansion, transmission investment, transmission planning


: One of the most serious challenges for power industry restructuring is to maintain power system reliability at an acceptable level and to promote the overall economic efficiency of the whole power industry. To this end, transmission investment and expansion is inevitable. In the past decade, much effort has been made to address institutional structures, business models, incentives and regulation to ensure that appropriate transmission investments be made, and to develop workable assessment and planning methods for the deregulated environment. In this paper, a comprehensive survey is made on the state-of the-art of several important issues associated with transmission investment and expansion planning in the electricity market environment including: challenges of transmission investment and planning in the competitive market environment; transmission investment; merchant transmission; transmission rights; business models; transmission regulation; management of transmission investment and expansion; transmission planning methods; international experience. The paper is divided into two parts, and here is Part I with Sections 1-6 included.

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