Energizing the Future – Case of Dutch Energy System

A. Patil and P. Herder (The Netherlands)


Alternative energy, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Energy policy, and DANA


This paper identifies the need for changes in the existing natural gas infrastructure in the Netherlands, and focuses on studying the effects of various policy changes during the transition to a more sustainable energy system. Transition to a new greener and sustainable energy system is not a straightforward problem, with a straightforward answer. Rather it's a policy problem wherein the answer lies in satisfying most of the major stakeholders. The solution of such a policy problem is difficult to reach easily. Since the network of actors exists, one solution that benefits one actor may sometimes `harm' others. It is therefore very important to study the system in its entirety the actors with their perception of the problem and influence characteristics. Under such complicated circumstances, it is quite difficult for an analyst to use some solution-oriented modeling techniques like economical optimization modeling, which is mono perspective. This paper discusses the application of an alternative technique, the `Dynamic Actor Network Analysis (DANA)' tool developed at Delft University of Technology that could aid in modeling such a complex multi-actor system.

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