Grounding Analysis of a Substation Connected to a Nearby Power Plant

J. Ma and F.P. Dawalibi (Canada)


Grounding, safety, GPR, touch voltage, and step voltage


The performance of a substation grounding system which is connected to a nearby power plant via overhead ground wires is analyzed. Three methods have been used in the study, namely the conventional analysis, the conservative analysis, and the accurate one. Results obtained using all three methods have been compared using a practical example. Effects of different soil structures on grounding performance using the three methods are also examined. It is shown that the conventional method may underestimate touch and step voltages significantly, while the conservative method may overestimate them significantly. Therefore, accurate method should be used in the analysis to prevent significant underdesign or overdesign of grounding systems in these cases. Results from this paper can be used as a reference for the analysis of grounding systems which are connected to nearby grounding systems of power plants or substations.

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