Adaptive Power System Damping Control Strateges for a Variable Structure Unified Power Flow Controller (VSUPFC)

T.-T. Ma (Taiwan)


Power system control, flexible ac transmission systems, variable structure unified power flow controller, fuzzy controller, and transient energy function


In this paper, an innovative damping control strategy based on a variable structure unified power flow controller (VSUPFC) is proposed and implemented by using adaptive PI and fuzzy controllers to damp low frequency electromechanical power oscillations. The concepts of convertible hardware configurations in the VSUPFC and the detailed design procedure of controllers based on the time-domain analysis of system transient energy function (TEF) are addressed. The proposed new damping control strategy using a combination of different control modes in the VSUPFC system with respect to different input signals to improve the transient performance of power systems is numerically investigated and discussed in full. Comprehensive computer simulations are carried out to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme. The simulation results reconfirm that the proposed control algorithm is robust and can be easily implemented in practice and the proposed VSUPFC with a flexible hardware configuration is the most versatile FACTS device which is able to provide flexible control functions required for the real time power flow regulation and fast transient control of complex power systems.

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