Self-Tuning I-P Control for a Pressure Control System in a Furnace of a Thermal Power Plant Boiler with a Feed-Forward Compensator

T. Sato, K. Kondo, K. Takeda, and A. Inoue (Japan)


thermal power plant, boiler, I-P control, feed-forward com pensator, self-tuning control, generalized predictive control


This paper proposes a new design method of a pressure control system in a furnace of a thermal power plant boiler. Because the plant is a non-linear system with interactions among variables, it is difficult to utilize linear control the ory. Additionally the actual plant is controlled by propor tional and integral compensations [6, 7]. Hence, in a con ventional method, the plant has been approximated by two independent first-order plus dead-time models and then two controllers have been designed for each of the first-order plus dead-time models [6, 7]. And self-tuning I-P con trollers based on GPC laws have been also used in order to approximate the plant by time-invariant linear models. Since the conventional method regards the interactions as disturbances, it is required to suppress the influence of the interactions. Therefore, in this paper, to reduce the influ ence of interactions among variables, a feed-forward com pensator is introduced to the conventional method newly. The proposed method is especially useful when a dead time of the plant is long. Simulation results are given to show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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