Novel Concept of a PV Power Generation System Adding the Function Of Shunt Active Filter

Y.-G. Park, M. Park, and I.-K. Yu (Korea)


Active filter, Photovoltaic, PV-AF System, MPPT control, Harmonics


Novel concept of a photovoltaics(PV) power generation system adding the function of active filter(AF) is proposed in this paper. So far, because the PV power generation system can be treated to a harmonics source for the power distribution systems, the PV system combined the function of AF systems as well as the AF systems using the PV module as the power source have never been reported. Here, the control strategy of PV-AF system is for the first time introduced. And also, in order to stabilize the output current of VSI, the reference voltage MPPT control is applied. Using simulation analysis, it is confirmed that it is possible to combine AF theory to the three phase PV system connected up to utility, and results gave us that it was theoretically positive to actualize the PV-AF system.

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