Real Time Digital Simulation Method for Wind Power Generation System using RTDS

J.-H. Kim, M. Park, and I.-K. Yu (Korea)


real time simulation, SWRW, RTDS, wind power generation systems, wind turbine


A tendency to erect more wind turbines can be observed in order to reduce the environmental consequences of electric power generation. As a result of this, in the near future, wind turbines may start to influence the behavior of electric power systems by interacting with conventional generation and loads. In this paper, a model that can be used to represent all types of variable speed wind turbines in power system simulations is presented. Wind turbine characteristic equation is implemented in the RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator), and the real data of weather conditions are interfaced to the RTDS for the purpose of real time simulation of wind power system. The outcomes of the simulation demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed simulation scheme and present the development of a simulation of the WPGS using RTDS which can be test-driven and optimized all in real time as if in operation under actual network condition. The results show that the cost effective verifying for the efficiency and stability of WPGS.

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