Hearing Aid Speech Enhancement: A Multiresolution Analysis Approach

S. Ezekiel, W. Oblitey, and R. Trimble (USA)


Hearing Aid, Noise Reduction, Speech Enhancement, Amplification, Wavelet, and Multiresolution Analysis,


Digital signal processing has many advantages over traditional analog signal processing because of its flexibility and accuracy. One such application of signal processing is the hearing aid. The hearing aid is basically a small amplifier that is contained within a plastic case. It uses electronic circuits to amplify the speech signal so that the hearing impaired can hear and understand the speech. Conventional analog circuits not only amplify the speech but also various noises associated with it. In this paper, we present a novel approach to hearing aid speech signal enhancement by using multiresolution analysis. Our goal is to develop a multiresolution based algorithm that enhances speech and reduces background noise to a maximum extent. This approach can be used for designing a digital signal processing algorithm for a hearing aid, as well as other speech related applications. Since this method is simple and effective, it can be easily implemented in hearing aid devices. The results show that our method efficiently removed various noises and considerably enhanced the speech.

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