Animate System for Query by Example in Image Databases

G. Boccignone, A. Chianese, V. Moscato, and A. Picariello (Italy)


Image Retrieval, Image Indexing, Query By Example, An imate Vision


In the last years a great deal of content-based techniques for image indexing and retrieval has been developed. In spite of such important efforts, automatic seeking of images in a very large database is still a challenging task. In this paper we describe a strategy to cope with efficient indexing for query by example processing, which brings together An imate Vision and data discovery techniques. In the pro posed method, images are represented in a novel manner by means of their Information Path so that hidden seman tic associations among them, in terms of image categories, are discovered. Such associations eventually allow an au tomatic pre-classification, which makes query processing more efficient and effective.

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