Accurate Extraction Algorithm of Lung Regions from Chest 3D CT-Images

R. Sammouda (UAE), M. Sammouda (Saudi Arabia), and J.A. Hassan (UAE)


CT-image, lung regions extraction, bit-plane slicing.


This paper describes a method for an automatic extraction of lung regions from 3D-CT images using pure basic image processing techniques. This extraction process should be as accurate and reliable as possible because its results will be used as a base to develop a Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) system for lung cancer. First, each 2D slice is converted to a set of binary images using the bit-plane slicing technique. Then a sequence of image processing techniques such as erosion, median filter, and dilation is applied to each bit-plane component of the 2D slice. In our study the third lowest bit-plane shows a higher accuracy in the below described algorithm for lung regions extraction. The method has been tested by processing 3D-CT data sets from 4 subjects, and has been successful in extracting the lung regions in almost all cases.

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