Task Modeling for a Multimedia Authoring System based on the Movement Oriented Design Methodology

N. Sharda and N.H. Ramesh (Australia)


Multimedia Tools and Architectures, Multimedia Design, Multimedia Authoring, Movements, Task Modeling.


In this paper we articulate the process of designing multimedia using a new paradigm called Movement Oriented Design (MOD) and develop a task model for it. The MOD methodology considers all multimedia systems as story telling artefacts, and exploits the rubric that every story must have a `begin', `middle' and `end'. It can be used for generating linear, as well as, non-linear and interactive multimedia systems, and locate temporal locations where appropriate multi-sensory input can be inserted to enhance user experience. To develop a multimedia authoring system based on MOD, we established a process and investigated its implementation pathways using Task Modeling techniques. We developed a task model for MOD and evaluated it based on a set of criteria. The task model operates reasonably well for the brainstorming and story generation phases with respect to our criteria set. Some quantitative results of our task model evaluation are also presented.

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