Multicast Extensions to QOSPF

C.-J. Tseng and C.-H. Chen (Taiwan)


multicast, dynamic routing, QoS routing, precomputation, scope-limited advertising


QOSPF [6-8] is a well-known link state based unicast QoS routing protocol. It is a precomputation-based approach with the strength of low routing latency but suffers from high control and storage overheads. Its overhead will be exacerbated not only for large-scale network but also for the extension to support multicast routing. Thus, few re searches strive to directly extend the work of QOSPF to multicast capability. In this paper, we introduce a sim ple multicast extension version of QOSPF protocol named MQOSPF (Multicast extension to QOSPF), which uses a scope-limited advertising scheme to limit both control and storage overheads. Through extensive simulations, its ex cellent performances on low routing latency, high success rate to find a feasible attachment path to existing multicast tree and to construct low cost multicast delivery tree are demonstrated.

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