An Efficient CDN Placement Algorithm for High-Quality TV Content

A.J. Cahill and C.J. Sreenan (Ireland)


Content Placement, Video Distribution, CDN Management


Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) are used exten sively on the WWW to relieve hot spots and reduce client latency when delivering web documents, but recently their role has been extended to the delivery of streaming multi media content. Efficient placement of replicas in a CDN is very important, particularly when the content is large in size as is the case with high-quality TV content. This pa per outlines a scalable and efficient algorithm for the place ment of video content in a Video CDN (VCDN). This paper evaluates the effectiveness of the placement algorithm, de tailing the important parameters associated with the algo rithm. The VCDN placement algorithm is also compared with the well known closest-proxy algorithm to evaluate its effectiveness.

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