A Blind Method for Digital Watermarking Attacks

M. Calagna and L.V. Mancini (Italy)


Multimedia Information Systems, Digital Watermarking, Singular Value Decomposition, Digital Rights Manage ment.


The growth of the Internet and the technological innova tions in communications have led to new problems with regards to protecting both the copyright and the digital rights of multimedia files. The main applications include e-business and peer-to-peer file-sharing. One of the most widely used method for protecting intellectual rights is dig ital watermarking. Some portions of the multimedia files are actually imperceptible to users. It is possible to modify the multimedia content slightly and to embed a pattern into the file, i.e. a watermark, which, under a certain thresh old for perceptibility distortion, cannot be detected by the users. An important requirement for a watermarking sys tem is its robustness to distortion and removal. We show a systematic approach based on singular value decompo sition that is used to attack and remove traditional water marking systems, such as spread spectrum watermarking.

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