A Finite State Transition-based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for JPEG-2000 Compressed Images

C.K. Heng and S. Emmanuel (Singapore)


Fragile Watermarking, Image Authentication, JPEG-2000, Finite State Transition Based Watermarking


In this paper, we present a novel fragile watermarking scheme for image authentication for JPEG/JPEG-2000 coded images. The scheme embeds the message with the use of multiple embedding actions. These multiple actions are useful in increasing the difficulty of the attackers. The proposed watermarking scheme is blind and asymmetric as it does not require the original image for extraction and the watermark extraction key is different than its embedding key. The algorithm is implemented and tested for its visual quality, compression overhead, execution time overhead and payload capacity. It is found that the algorithm has high visual quality, high payload capacity, low compression overhead and low execution time overhead.

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