A Hybrid Video Streaming Scheme on Hierarchical P2P Networks

S. Suetsugu, N. Wakamiya, M. Murata, K. Konishi, and K. Taniguchi (Japan)


peer-to-peer, streaming, multicast


Video streaming based on peer-to-peer networking technology has received much attention from researchers and developers. In this paper, we propose a new scheme for scalable and robust video streaming on P2P networks. Our scheme constructs hierarchical distribution trees from peers and considers the physical structure of underlying hierarchically organized networks, such as an enterprise network. A centric server manages the construction of a higher-level tree among branches, but lower-level trees are built through local communication among peers. Peers re cover from faults by themselves, using partial information they have. Through simulation and practical experiments, we verified that our scheme can provide thousands or ten thousands of users with continuous video streaming ser vices on an unreliable P2P network.

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