The Simulation of the Bit Error Rate for ATM Multimedia Network Over Satellite by using Turbo Code

Y.-W. Bai and H.-L. Wang (Taiwan)


ATM, Satellite, Digital TV, MPEG-2, Turbo Code, BER.


Satellite ATM network is an integration of the satellite network with ATM network. Its integration obtains advantages of both services with wider area coverage and with less investment. However, when we adopt error correction code technology, we must consider the capability limit of the satellite communication as well as the characteristics of the ATM cell. Therefore, the error correction code includes better performance and short delay. This paper presents the effect of using turbo code in satellite ATM network on error correction. The simulation proves that turbo code can perform very well under low power; and acquires the performance on bit error rate (BER) of 10-5 at 2.8db.

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