Simplified Queue Dynamics with Mixed Traffic for Congestion Control at Routers

M.K. Panda and S.H. Srinivasan (India)


congestion control, call admission, mixed traf fic modeling


The unresponsiveness of media traffic to congestion in the network poses grave challenges like congestion collapse and unfairness. Suitable control mechanisms need to be applied at select routers and it is desirable that the control action to be taken be different for different traffic types. A sound knowledge of the queue dynamics at the routers under these mixed traffic conditions is, therefore, required to be able to come up with efficient and viable solutions. Many accurate and exhaustive models describing network dynamics have al ready been proposed. But the queue dynamics at individual routers under mixed traffic conditions and the interactions between TCP and UDP has not been studied in detail. In this paper, we focus on queue dynamics at a single router. We propose a simple yet accurate model of the queue dynam ics at a typical bottleneck link under mixed TCP/UDP traf fic. The simplicity of the model leads to quick predictions of queueing delays at routers which could be used to advantage for congestion control. We verify the accuracy of our model by NS-2 simulations.

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