Evaluation of Routing Techniques Over IP-based Networks

P. Viriyaphol and C. Jittawiriyanukoon (Thailand)


MPLS, IP Routing, Label Switching, Routing with A Clue, Best Matching Prefixes.


In this paper, two different routing techniques, Distributed IP Lookup from Routing with a Clue Technique and Label Switching used in Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), are evaluated. A clue, used in Routing with a Clue as an index, and a label, in MPLS, are compared. Several data rates from up to 1 Mbps are varied and applied to both networks. The simulation program written in C language was developed to evaluate the throughput of the RC network. From simulations, throughputs of both networks are increasing according to the increasing traffic rates. We obtained impressive result showing that, in most cases, throughputs of RC network, distributing its IP lookup process to all nodes along the path, are better than the pre-calculated path acquired by MPLS network.

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