Automating the Authoring of Industrial Product Training Manuals

P. Liu (USA)


Automatic Authoring, Training Manuals, SCORM, SGML, XSLT-FO, DSSSL


The product training manuals for complex machinery often consist of large-scale presentation-based documents with rich media. The content of the manuals is typically required to use up-to-date product information for effec tive training. Current training authoring tools have limita tions in creating such large-scale product training course content in a timely manner due to the labor-intensive and time-consuming authoring processes. This paper presents an automated method to improve the process. It is based on formal specifications to dynamically generate DSSSL document styles for transforming the existing storage based product documents into large-scale presentation based product training manuals. The generated manuals are based on SCORM, an industry training course speci fication.

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