Embedding eLearning in Corporate Training: Lessons from a Case Study

S.A. Borotis, A.K. Poulymenakou, and V.A. Karamanis (Greece)


Corporate Web-based Training, Blended Training, Training Needs Assessment, Evaluation.


eLearning (or e-Training) adoption in corporate training is continuously increasing due to the benefits it offers. Particularly, blended training (i.e. traditional training complemented by eLearning) seems to be an ideal approach for the majority of corporate training environments. Embedding eLearning in corporate training settings is a complex process affecting an extremely wide variety of aspects of the existing training organization. Such aspects range from structural and planning interventions to the usage of training needs analysis, and from training evaluation methods to the design and implementation of training, and the shifting roles of all the actors involved in the training process. In this study, we investigate the training function of a large Greek bank which is considered as a pioneer on eLearning adoption in south-eastern Europe. The lessons learned are significant for each organization intending to adopt eLearning programs for the first time, or build on existing interventions.

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