The Application of TINS to Enhance Theme-based Inquiry Learning in a Taiwanese Rural Elementary School

M.-J.H. Lin and C.-D. Lin (Taiwan)


Theme-based inquiry learning, web-based learningenvironment, Nono Technology, rural elementary school


The purpose of this study was to apply a theme-based inquiry network studio (abbreviated as TINS) to conduct a theme-based inquiry learning under a theme Nano technology. TINS was designed, developed and implemented in this study and provided the scaffolding structures and a set of software tools to enhance the theme-based inquiry teaching, learning and assessment. The product of the theme-based inquiry was then packaged to participate in Taiwan Schools Cyberfair Competition and won an "excellent work" award. The participating students showed ability and confidence to construct knowledge of Nano Technology. In addition, they showed a feeling of success and happiness at the end of theme-based inquiry learning. This research contributes in the application of web-based education in a rural elementary school in Taiwan to enhance students' theme based learning. This research also contributes in designing and implementing TINS to motivate and support elementary school students to work in-group to construct knowledge of Nano Technology and share meaning through cooperative learning. Students also learned how to communicate with others, to take responsibilities, to make decisions, and to collaborate with other students and teachers via TINS.

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