Experience Matrix System: A Novel Mining Method for Discover Learning Path

J.-H. Ho, C.-W. Tsai, C.-S. Yang, and C.-Y. Chuang (Taiwan)


e-Learning, Learning Path, Data Mining, KnowledgeManagement


The main goals of this document are to discover better leaning path in e-Learning. The most symbolic method was suggested by Agrawal, for that, most of the study done regarding this issue was based on his method. However, most of the answer-seeking methods either took a great amount of time or too much memory space due to the confinement of the problem definition. In this study, we will redefine the problem and apply to e-Learning. In addition, we'll also suggest a fast calculating method EMS (Experience Matrix System), and apply it to find learning path that the students are using. This method not only provides greater efficiency but also simplifies the calculation, and analysis of cumulative data from different time zones over a long course.

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