Negotiated Learning by Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

A. Peña and H. Sossa (Mexico)


Student centered, negotiate learning, fuzzy cognitivemaps, causal relations and negotiated learning model.


For accomplish an effective education the student centered approach offers an appropriate learning service to the profile of each individual through the planning of the education, delivery content, assessment and evaluation carry out by the system and the tutor letting to the student the role of receive the instruction, react to the learning experiences and hold on for her qualification. In order to promote an active roll of the participation of the learner and consider her points of view in the decisions making tasks of the negotiate learning approach, this work suggests the use of fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM) for depict the proposals of each actor through a model conformed by concepts, relations and fuzzy values that are used for qualitative-fuzzy reasoning which estimates the causal consequences of the suggestions. With this approach, all proposals are evaluated and a new model can be generated by the integration of the contributions. As result, the student become more aware and involved in their learning process improving their self-esteem

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