Computer Managed Instruction Interoperability in E-Learning Systems

A. Goh and J.X. Tou (Singapore)


E-Learning Standards, Sequencing, XML, Interoperability


Web-based Learning has been accelerated by advances in Internet technologies as well as by the introduction of learning standards. With this comes the need to ensure learners follow a prescribed path in their learning. Many Learning Management Systems (LMS) have a Computer Managed Instruction component (CMI) for tracking and sequencing needs. The ability to share and use such information among different LMSs is vital. This paper describes the development of a CMI system that extends the IMS Simple Sequencing Specifications. The system facilitates the creation of sequences and more significantly, it allows these sequences to be ported to other Learning Management Systems via XML. The Sharable Content Object Reference Model Run-Time Environment version 1.3 by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative was extensively modified as a prototype of this CMI system.

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