A Response Analyzer System Utilizing Mobile Phones

K. Nagaoka (Japan)


Innovative Teaching and Learning, mobile phone,response analyzer system, university education.


The author is engaged in a study to develop a response analyzer system that utilizes mobile phones and to apply it in classroom situations. The use of mobile phones in Japan has reached a cumulative total of 82.33 million units in 2004, exceeding the cumulative number of 70 million automobiles; it thus makes up the most widespread network infrastructure in Japan. To use this response analyzer system, any new equipments or facilities are not necessary. The system identifies individual seating positions of students seated at random, and displays the students' seated positions and names on the instructor's PC. Using the system, it is possible to provide immediate response feedback to students or analyze the response time data, thus allowing for a two-way, person-to-person lecture in large classroom situations to realize a lively lecture with student participation. The system was tested in a regular class, where it was received favorably by the students.

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