A Children's Music Education Support System using Sensor Data, Video Images, and Sound Data

H. Shimizu, K. Morimoto, S. Kaneda, H. Haga, and K. Shintani (Japan)


Children's Education, Music, Marker Tracking, Baton, Ac celerometer


In kindergartens and nurseries, music is an especially im portant activity for improving children's self-expression abilities. However, for inexperienced teachers/nurses, it is very difficult to observe every child while playing the piano. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a chil dren's music education support system that uses sensor data, video images, and sound data. The proposed system focuses on the motion of a baton equipped with an LED and an accelerometer. A child shakes a baton accompanied by a piano. Marker tracking results and accelerometer out put are represented graphically: the horizontal and vertical axes are time and observed values, respectively. An exper iment at a kindergarten showed that inexperienced teachers recognize more detailed and rich information from data in a graphical format than observation with the naked eye.

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