New Childhood Observation Method by Active Mass

A. Kono, K. Shintani, M. Ueda, and S. Kaneda (Japan)


Childhood Education, Observation, Pedometer, Nearest Neighbour Clustering, Correlation, Infant


We propose a method to improve the quality of preschool teachers' daily observations in child-care, even during hard daily activities, and to make use of it in counseling and guidance. The proposed observational method uses nu merical data of active masses recorded by pedometers, and from the active masses of each child, we calculate the cor relation coefficient. In addition, we employ Nearest Neigh bor Clustering and visualize the result. According to the results and a conference with teachers, we could confirm the high coincidence between the results and remarks of teachers about the children. Finally, we could confirm the effectiveness of this method via an experiment.

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