Proposal for a Framework of Community Support in Infant Education by using the Combination of Multiple Cameras and a Bulletin Board

K. Shintani, K. Komai, A. Yoshida, S. Kaneda, and H. Haga (Japan)


Early childhood education, Internet, Video streaming, Electronic bulletin board


This article proposes a framework for community support in infant education. The framework adopts the concept of "Discussion-Embedded Video (DEV)," which is video data within which some comments and discussions are virtually "embedded." By watching the video and embedded comments, participants, including parents of children, school teachers, medical staff, psycho-specialists and other specialists, can more effectively conduct discussions about children. Moving images of the children are recorded by multiple cameras, and by editing the multiple video streaming data, personalized motion pictures of one child are created. Participants can then watch this edited video and discuss it. This article describes the system's basic concept, schematic illustration of implementation, and an example of its use.

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