A Support System for Early Childhood Education: e-Infant Education Net System

K. Sasada, K. Shintani, H. Haga, and S. Kaneda (Japan)


Early childhood education, Child care, Groupware, Mobil phone, Knowledge, Template


Information and communication technology has rapidly spread throughout society, including the non-technical mar ket. This includes the many application systems that have been developed for the field of early childhood education. However, the users of the conventional systems are par ents, not nurses/teachers; the workload of nurse/teachers is already too high for them to input and maintain child data in the conventional systems. To resolve the prob lems, in this paper we propose a new application system, the e-Infant Education NET System, as a way to support nurses/teachers and to improve the quality of infant ed ucation. The system includes the following features: 1) parenting support; 2) sharing of child information among parents, kindergartens/nursery schools, support centers for parenting, the local government, and medical agencies; and 3) tracking of each child's developmental stages. Also, Digital Communication Note, which include Knowledge Templates, are proposed and implemented as a core sub system of the e-Infant Education NET System. The Digi tal Communication Note accumulate child information, im prove parenting efficiency, and maintain child-care quality at a high level. Experimental on-the-spot evaluation con firmed that the system can be effectively adapted to nursery schools.

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