A Proposal of Criteria for Evaluation of Distance Education Courses

A. Dahmer, R.M. Viccari, and D.J. Nunes (Brazil)


Web-Based Learning, Evaluation, and Experiences Factory


Many web-based courses have been offered in the recent years. Although this teaching modality is considered very promising, most of such courses have repeated the old plane formulas of the traditional education system and have become unsuccessful experiences of distance education. It's necessary a form to evaluate these courses and allow the creation of better new ones. This paper shows a proposal of evaluation process of distance courses quality, using the GQM(Goal, Question, Metric) approach, a concept of Software Engineering. The objective of this evaluation is to use previous experiences as feedback for new courses editions and to aid teachers in the creation of more effective virtual courses. This methodology will contribute to more efficient courses and provide the teacher with a new resource to ease class creation.

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