An Online Test Tool to Create Quizzes by Students – Analysis of Competitive and Collaborative Quiz Creation by Groups

M. Takagi, D. Hirashima, M. Tanaka, and Y. Teshigawara (Japan)


Blended Education, Online-Test, Quiz Creation, Competitive and Collaborative Learning, Course Management System, Learning Management System


In face-to-face lectures where teachers tend to teach unilaterally, it is important to promote interactivities among students and between the teacher and students. This should be done in order to improve students' comprehension levels and learning motivation. In addition, CMS (Course Management System) and LMS (Learning Management System) have been introduced rapidly to support lectures in recent years. As one of their tools, online test tools are quite effective. However, in order to use the online test tool, a teacher is generally required a great deal of labor. For example, a teacher needs to create quizzes and input them in the online test tool. In order to solve these problems, we have developed a Web-based online test system which can create quizzes competitively and collaboratively by students for the purpose of reducing the load required for a teacher and promoting interactions among students and between the teacher and students. We used it practically in two lecture types of our university with and without group learning. The results of questionnaires showed that students started lacking cooperativeness and learn competitively in the class not using group works in face-to-face opportunities. In order to solve this problem, we propose the quiz creation model using peer groups.

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