Balanced Scorecard Usage in e-Learning Systems

J. Nuzhnaja and E. Õunapuu (Estonia)


Intelligent e-learning system, web services, and software agents, balanced scorecard


In the e-learning systems the usage of web services and software agents are very promising. E-learning systems are often not addressing fundamental business objectives and are not being rigorously evaluated. E-learning is being approached as a technical solution rather than a business solution. In this contribution we investigate and implement a methodology for web service execution measurement from an educational organization perspective. In nearest future in the web will exist a lot of web services and it will be common that we have to choose one or some from them. In this case we need a framework that enables the definition of web services from performance measurement perspective. This framework uses web service concepts and software agent's technologies to enable feedback on the educational organization's performance measures through the analysis of the web services.

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