A Web-based Outcome Assessment Tool: EvalTOOLSTM

F. Mak, S. Frezza, and W.-S. Yoo (USA)


Assessment tools, Web-based survey, Course Evaluation, Course Assessment, ABET, Assessment Issues of Web based Education


This paper describes the functionalities and use of an on line survey and reporting system EvalTOOLSTM to support consistent indirect evaluation of student learning outcomes, program outcomes and course instruction. The tool includes interfaces to support the chair, faculty and student processes necessary to publish, collect, and report survey information on learning outcomes from individual courses as well as from survey participants outside classrooms. This work includes data collection, analysis, and tracking relationships of course outcomes to departmental and program outcomes, in the support of continuous quality improvement processes. The paper describes the design of the web-based course-exit survey, the data collection, and analysis processes supported by the tool.

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