Online Learning Myths, Truths: Inspiring Successes, Surprising Research, Practical Guidelines

M.B. Yoder (USA)


Online professional development, E-Learning, Web-based education


It is commonly known that online classes are convenient and flexible, but what factors contribute to an outstanding online learning environment? Many people fear that online learning will be tedious and isolating but discover that the opposite is true. What proven strategies result in an exciting, interesting experience for both instructors and students? What are the myths and realities of online learning? Successful online activities with middle and high school students, collaborations with distant colleagues, and outstanding professional development opportunities are growing in number. The Lesley University online programs have an almost 100% retention rate and student satisfaction. Results from a recent survey will show what students and faculty value most about online learning and what challenges they face. There are proven methods for being an effective online learner, collaborator, and facilitator. Readers will be provided with concrete suggestions for planning an online course or developing a fully online degree program. Recommendations are based on eight years of efforts by faculty and administrators to find the most educationally sound, administratively efficient, and financially viable way to offer outstanding online learning experiences.

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