Supporting Teachers using Web-based Technologies: The Case of InnoTeach and Forum New Learning

A. Ninck and C. Schmid (Switzerland)


faculty development on web-based education, innovative teaching and learning, community of practice, collabora tive strategies, knowledge acquisition and maintenance, learning objects for knowledge


New media are continuing to establish their position in the field of education, and they particularly have received wider acceptance in university teaching. The fundamental question today is how the initiatives and projects, which so far have been carried by teachers with much pioneer spirit, can be secured in the long term. The Berne Univer sity of Applied Sciences (BFH) has undertaken a first step by creating InnoTeach. This competence center aims at increasing the sustainability of eLearning activities and integrating the results into an overall school strategy. In noTeach is the leading house of Forum New Learning, a community of practice among university teachers. In con trast to the competence centres at the different universities who give mainly technical support, the main objective of the FNL community is the mutual exchange of practical didactical knowledge. One of the main challenges is the question how a collaborative learning process might best be encouraged, so that not only practical experience is shared, but also innovative new knowledge is produced.

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