Creating an eLearning Content Community for Graphic and Media Communication Technologies

A. Bäck and T. Väliharju (Finland)


: International Projects and International Collaboration on Web-based Education; Reusable Learning Objects for Web-based Education; Educational Portals for Web-based Education


This paper presents the SELEAC community, which is being developed in an EU funded project with the same name. The community aims at developing and sharing eLearning content dealing with graphic and media communications technology. The community utilizes the CustomLM platform that can be used to share learning objects and aggregations made out of them. The community aims at becoming the source for new original content as well as a source for finding existing resources for its sector. The community members are expected to be the main source of content, and therefore a number of tools and processes have been developed. The authoring solution aims at supporting users to create pedagogically valuable content, and quality criteria have been defined to help validators to check and maintain the quality of the material coming from different sources. There is a growing number of virtual open source and content communities on the web, and many of them are professionally run and also give opportunities to commercial work. The SELEAC community is planning to work on membership bases, and the membership entitles to utilize and develop the content that its members have submitted into the portal.

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