Mobile Authoring: Creating Contextualized Learning Objects

M. Specht (Germany)


: Contextualized Information, Learning Objects, Situated Learning, Metadata, Activity-based learning


: Learning Objects and content interchange standards brought new possibilities to the e-learning world, nevertheless often content lacks context data to find appropriate use for learning on demand and new learning experiences. The paper describes approaches from the European project on remote access to field trips (RAFT1 ) where authors of learning objects and assets used tools for mobile authoring. The authoring of learning content in context showed new possibilities for learning where embedding the learner and the teacher in real world scenarios play an important role. Based on approaches of situated cognition and situated learning there is a whole area of research giving a pedagogical background and describing scenarios for the use of learning objects in context. The paper will describe approaches for extending current metadata schemas with context metadata that can be captured with the assets on the fly and give them a learning context.

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