Developing Web-based Virtual Classroom based on IMS Learning Design Specification

F.-H. Wang (Taiwan)


Web-based learning, virtual classroom, IMS-LD, learning flow management, Instructional resources sharing


In this paper, an instructional model that describes the organization and processes of virtual classroom is proposed. Using this model, a teacher can describe the specification of a virtual classroom according to his/her instructional strategies and teaching styles easily. A web based platform, called IDEAL (Integration and Dissemination of Electronic Assessment and Learning) was developed to offer teachers an environment for editing, managing and sharing of e-learning resources including materials, test items and instructional strategies. To promote the reusability and exchanging of learning resources, we adopt the e-learning standards such as SCORM for implementing and representing materials, IMS-QTI for tests, IMS-RES for testing results and IMS/LD for virtual classrooms. As a result, teachers can design, manage and maintain their own specific e-learning environment more easily and flexibly by the virtual classroom systems generated by the IDEAL system. It also makes the teacher's learning resources and instructional strategies sharable to each other through the Internet.

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