Component-based Automated E-Learning

G. Fernandez (Australia), A. Sterbini, and M. Temperini (Italy)


Automatic delivery of complete course, Bloom cognitive levels.


Many different approaches for e-learning have been proposed, but only some of them aim to achieve the completely automated delivery of a course. In previous work we addressed this problem by introducing a complete framework for automated course delivery. Our research presented an all-encompassing strategy to make possible leveraging off different initiatives and provide a comprehensive solution for student centered, automated e-learning. In our approach, student learning is broken down into learning components based on learning objectives, and these are combined in flexible ways to form a whole course. This paper discusses how such components are being implemented, and shows that since all the learning activities within these components are automated, ideally students should be able to take a whole course without intervention from a human instructor. The discussion includes an illustrative example for an introductory programming course in Computer Science.

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