Conceptual Agent Models for a Virtual Reality and Multimedia E-Learning Environment

G. McArdle, T. Monahan, M. Bertolotto, and E. Mangina (Ireland)


Collaborative E-learning, Virtual Reality, Agent Technolo gies.


As more and more everyday tasks become computer-based and increasing numbers of untrained users depend on com puters, the need for assistants to aid the user has become necessary. Increasingly, Intelligent Software Agents (ISAs) are being used to fulfill this role. We are developing CLEV R, a Collaborative Learning Environment with Virtual Re ality which is a novel e-learning system that provides stu dents with an interactive and motivating way to learn on line. Agents are used in this system to provide navigational and personal assistance for its users. This paper describes the conceptual models of these agents and their application to the CLEV-R e-learning environment.

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