LEPLA – Learning Environment for Physics Laboraory Activities

L. Jakobsson and R. Johansson (Sweden)


Physics, experiments, handheld technology, distance learning.


The LEPLA project is a joint venture between Universities in Poland, Italy, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Sweden. The idea of the project is to make physics laboratory activities available through the Internet using handheld dataloggers. At the end of March 2005, when the project is finished, about 30 experimental activities will be available at the LEPLA platform. These will include extensive help files to guide the students through the experiments. Most activities will be translated into the languages of the participating countries. Students will be able to perform the experiments with the support of the instructions or download files to investigate and analyse previously sampled data. Instructions are given so that each module also will support teachers to a good teaching style. Analysis can be made either on the handheld graphing calculator or in Excel. Modules of the project are used for try-out in many classes within the participating countries. The outcome of these tests will be evaluated using two standard evaluation forms, one for the student and one for the teacher. Some evaluation results are available at the moment, the paper submission deadline. These are presented and clearly indicate that the LEPLA project is most favourably received by students.

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