E-Content: Interoperable Learning Framework

N.B. Serbedzija (Germany)


Learning Content Management, Collaborative Learning, XML, Peer to Peer.


Sharing learning objects is an ultimate goal of most E Learning platforms. To allow re-use and exchange of learning material several international standards have been agreed and most commercial systems try to support them. However, in practice the majority of users still rely on their own material and the content exchange does not really take place. One of the reasons for such situation is the complexity of standards. To meet the proposed specifications numerous meta data have to be provided which both content writers and content (re)users find to be too complex for everyday use. Aiming to simplify the procedure of material exchange and encourage common use of learning material, this approach advocates a peer to peer architecture with an efficient classification schema that should play a role of popular multimedia file sharing programs for the learners' world.

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