Collaborative Learning Grid and e-Pedagogy – Including Considerations of Standardizing Technologies

T. Okamoto and M. Kayama (Japan)


e-Pedagogy, learning ecology, knowledge building, learning GRID, collaborative memory, social computing


Internet is becoming the catchphrase in the world of training/education, which makes the distance education possible to anybody at anytime and from anywhere. As such, a new learning type `e-Learning' emerged under the umbrella new concept of "Learning Ecology and Pedagogy", where Internet raises the level of communications and collaborations among people via technology. Nowadays, the word/system of "e Learning" is rapidly spreading according to popularization of Internet. As for advantages of Internet, people can communicate each other for anyone, anytime and anywhere. Moreover people can share, rebuild, stock and reuse the various kind of information. Here, it seems that the concept of "e-Learning" gets the citizenship in the society instead of CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction). Along with this stream/trend, we recognize the necessity of construction to new learning society such as learning individuals, learning organization and learning community. Above mentioned, we can say that Internet is a kind of "Treasure Island" of educational resources from the world wide stance, though it includes many harmful information.

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