Role of Multimedia Tools in Online Course "SQL Fundamentals"

N. Pizika, H. Odhabi (UAE), B. Zuga, and A. Kapenieks (Latvia)


E-learning, Online education, Course content, Multimediatools


The paper describes the importance of efficient and effective integration of different Multimedia Tools in online course material. The discussion is illustrated by examples of Multimedia-enriched online course developed in co-operation between Riga Technical University and Abu Dhabi Men's College. The paper contains a description how course text-based instructions are supplemented by animated examples, interactive exercises, and video interviews to help students to understand better the theoretical concepts, to develop practical skills, and to be aware of Industry problems, trends, and expectations. The Authors recognize the fact that the effective online course requires professionally created and audience-oriented content and intercommunication and interaction tools between the online content, online instructor and the students. They present a practical solution how the interaction and intercommunication component can be supported by multimedia tools in the course delivery. The paper contains student feedback on the offered course: positive and negative. Authors conclude that decision about the usage of multimedia tools should be taken after detailed analysis of course goals, objectives, and the evaluation of the level of potential learners.

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