Exploring Multimedia Educational Games: An Aid to Reinforce Classroom Teaching and Learning

L. Jonnavithula and Kinshuk (New Zealand)


Learning environment, Learning experience, Motivation,Teaching and Learning Technologies, Software system


This paper reports the use of games approach in education. The traditional teacher-centred educational system in schools is seen as heavy and ineffective in providing adequate learning experience. The multimedia technology and the Nintendo generation entering schools in recent years create an opportunity to transform the current traditional practices. The researchers have started to look into the potential of using game based approach to creating adaptive learning environments to attract students and increase their motivation to learn. Built on the New Zealand Ministry of Education's survey results report on the teacher vacancies in New Zealand, the paper provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging problem and surveys the literature to examine how other researchers are handling this problem. Based on the problem analysis and literature review, a solution is proposed, implemented and evaluated. The results of the evaluation are analysed and directions for future research are identified.

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