Streaming Web-Lecturing and Synchronized Web Browsing

C.C. Lim, R.Y.D. Xu, M.H. Yu, and J.J. Jin (Australia)


Web lecturing, collaborative e-learning, multimedia


Developments of e-learning technologies are generating great impact in the field of education services to overcome geographical displace and improve the collaborative group work environment. Previous researches about e-learning system have introduced many concepts to generate fundamental groundwork such as tools for managing the contents of course materials, students' records and assessments information. However, the great potential of e-learning technologies according to web lecturing and collaborative group work can still be explored for maximizing the interactions among users. This paper proposed a web-based multimedia system for e-learning management application with an advanced streaming web lecturing module and an additional of a communication tools developed according to the concept of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). With the ability of tracking multiple objects simultaneously, the proposed streaming web lecturing can satisfy and improve the requirements of a virtual classroom. The efficiency of collaboration and consultation is increased by providing an online chat session and simultaneous group web browsing environment that user could aware the presence of other participants.

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