Islanding Operation in a Distribution Power System

C. Bommareddy and E. Makram (USA)


Distributed Generation, Grid-connectedmode, Stand-alone mode, Synchronous Generator,Induction Generator, Voltage Control.


: Deregulation, increasing demand, and barriers to building new generation and transmission infrastructure are all contributing to the increased interest in Distributed Generation. If the Distributed Generator (DG) is utilized to export power back to the utility distribution system, loss of the main supply can cause a severe overloading of the DG units. Consequently, the voltage and frequency will certainly fall below the statutory limits. Hence, it is imperative to control the voltage in the islanding mode of operation. This paper is concerned with the voltage control strategy for the operation of distributed generation systems (DGs) in the stand-alone mode of operation. Simulations have been carried on the IEEE 13-bus system using the PSCAD/EMTDC software. The effect of the DGs on this system in view of the voltage magnitudes is studied using the synchronous generator and the induction generator as the DGs. The simulations have been carried out in both the grid-connected and the stand-alone modes.

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