Simulation Study of Static Security Assessment of Meshed Distribution Power Network

R. Lis (Poland)


Power network simulation, power system modelling,artificial intelligence and neural networks


On the newly emerging electricity market, a distribution utility has faced unknown previously challenges. It has to operate its network reliably and securely, relying almost exclusively on the on-line measurements form the controlled area. The main problem comes from the fact, that the meshed 110kV distribution network in Poland contributes also to electric energy transmission. From an information point of view, a distribution network can be defined as an isolated region, because the available measurement data comes from inner RTU's only. On the other hand, a utility network operation is continuously affected by unknown outages in neighbor distribution networks as well as from the transmission grid level. In consequence of the above, a reliable and secure operation control of a utility network can not be performed satisfactorily relying on distribution network state identification only. This paper presents a new, on-line security assessment method, suitable for independent utilities in the competitive environment. The method has been developed under the European Union COPERNICUS Project CIPA3510CT926662.

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